Bicycle repair services

As well as being a handyman I have years of experience assembling, repairing and servicing many bicycles. I have spent countless hours learning the necessary skills and selected the perfect combination of tools.

I do everything from assembling your bicycle from the box to servicing your daily rider. I have different levels of servicing to suit what is needed and what you can afford. You can also purchase multiple services at a discount rate.

Custom wheel builds and rebuilds.

Family Fun (Basic)
From $130 Service

  • Service brakes and gears
  • Tighten all nuts and bolts
  • Lube chain
  • Inspect tyres and inflate

A bronze level service is great for a bicycle just out of the box, it is there to make sure the bicycle is safe and everything works as it should.

Weekend Warrior (Little more)
From $200 Service

  • Includes the Family fun service
  • Lube cables
  • True wheels in bicycle
  • Clean and grease hubs
  • Clean drive train
  • General bicycle clean

A silver level service includes a little more. The chain and cables and cleaned and lubed, making sure they run/move as smoothly as possible. Wheels are trued in a wheel jig if needed and brakes are cleaned to work as smoothly as possible.


Le Tour (treat your bicycle)
From $310

  • Includes the Weekend Warrior service
  • Inspect and grease headset, hubs and bottom bracket
  • True wheels in wheel jig
  • Remove and clean chain
  • Entire bicycle clean

This is for the upmarket bicycle needing that extra little pampering. With this service your bicycle will be rolling like new. It’s a great service to pamper your bicycle and give it some love. Your bicycle will be ready for it’s next ride.


World Cup (Complete overhaul)
From $450

  • Includes Le Tour service
  • Detach and lube all cables
  • Tension and true wheels in wheel jig
  • Clean and polish entire bicycle

Do you really love your bicycle and want to give it a full rebuild. This service gives your bicycle a full strip down and rebuild, making sure everything is running perfectly and smoothly. Your bicycle will be fully cleaned and polished, have all cables removed and lubed and your wheels trued and tensioned and hubs checked.