Custom wheels

Custom wheel builds and rebuilds.

I have been building and truing wheels for over 7 and during that time spent 3 years building wheels full time. I can build any wheel and true just about any bent wheel. I have access to speciality wheel tools and a cutting and threading machine to cut spokes to any length. With a custom set of wheels it can set your bicycle apart from your friends and make it bling. Hand built wheels are stronger then factory and are less prone to coming loose.

Custom wheel builds Starting from $150 with stainless spokes and alloy nipples.
Also available are powder coated spokes and titanium spokes.
Spokes cut to length $5 a spoke.

  • 24 spokes cut = $110
  • 28 spokes cut = $130
  • 32 spokes cut = $150
  • 36 spokes cut = $170

We can even bind the spokes to make them stronger and the wheels stiffer, making them less prone to flexing when power is put through them. Starting from $75 a wheel.

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