Terms and conditions

Adam’s Handy Hands terms and conditions

Thanks you for choosing Adam’s Handy Hands for your handyman services.

  1. All quotes are valid for a period of 30 days and materials are valid for a period of 15 days.
  2. Any work unrelated to the original quote may incur an extra fee and may require an extra trip to complete.
  3. The terms and conditions are to be signed and email back prior to commencing work with Adam’s Handy Hands.
  4. Adam’s Handy Hands is entitled to vary the estimated price to take into account
  • Any additional jobs that come up within a week of the job (which may not be done on the day due to time restraints).
  • The materials required for the work are an estimate and can increase after work has started but not without consultation of the customer.
  • Adam’s Handy Hands does not provide a guarantee on the materials, only the labour.
  • If the customer provides the paint and isn’t the right colour then it is the customers fault and the invoice is still valid and extra is added for re painting.
  • No guarantee shall be given if the customer tells Adam’s Handy Hands to use a certain material even if Adam’s Handy Hands says it’s not right for the job.
  • Any job may require 2 trips to complete and may be dependant on weather.
  • All plaster repairs require 2 trips to complete to allow the compound 72hrs to completely dry.
  1. If any materials are required and work is cancelled within a week the materials are required to be paid for.
  2. All screws, nails, wall anchors, plaster compound and plaster board are part of the labour quote.
  3. Adam’s Handy Hands can request upfront payment of materials if over $200 in total, or a specific part is required to be ordered and progress payments may be requested for jobs taking multiple days to complete (non refundable).
  4. Part payments must be made via direct deposit or by credit card over the phone and receipt can be emailed.
  5. Adam’s Handy Hands will exercise all reasonable care when undertaking any work and complete the work to the best of Adam’s Handy Hands ability.
  6. All reasonable care will be taken when working around glass (mainly installing doggy doors) to not crack any glass, but can’t guarantee there will be no cracks.
  7. Adam’s Handy Hands will endeavour to schedule the work to suit both your availability and Adam’s Handy Hands availability.
  8. All work by Adam’s Handy Hands will commence on schedule dependent on availability of materials, public holidays and weather conditions.
  9. All work done by Adam’s Handy Hands will be carried out by Adam and other contractors as required.
  10. All materials used on site remain the property of Adam’s Handy Hands until the invoice is paid in full.
  11. Time to source/purchase materials (if required) and quote to complete job is all chargeable.
  12. All invoices are to be fully paid within 7 days after completion of the job or a 5% late fee will be issued and 10% every week after that unless otherwise confirmed with the accounts manager at Adam’s Handy Hands.
  13. Adam’s Handy Hands has all relevant checks; Police check, Working with childrens check and White card and any client can ask to see these prior to commencement of any work.

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