My work

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  • From plain timber ramp to nicely stained. This will keep it protected from the harmful sun and keep it looking it’s best


  • Enclosing a balcony to allow an inside cat some space outside without it getting away. A simple screen covers the structure and keeps the balcony looking great.



  • A nicely mounted TV saves space and utilises the wall above your fireplace.

samsung 55 front


  • Have any damage to your walls, well, I can make it look like it was never damaged.

plaster repair

  • Another successful plaster repair that managed to disappear before your eyes.
  • From box to ride-able bicycle and everything in between. From brakes and gears to cranks and wheels, kids, BMX, MTB and road, I can service it all.

bicycle assemble.jpg




  • A walkway into your garage to a nicely secure door. This is a great way to secure your garage and keep your personal possessions safe.
  • Sprucing up some windows and adding some much needed shade to the front of the house, it just make the front of the house look so much better.
  • Adding some nice shade when needed with this great wind out awning.



  • A great new fence to add some privacy between houses.



  • Changing some old and damaged taps to upgrade the look of the bathroom, giving the owner trouble free taps.







  • Replacing some rotted out downpipes.


  • Install a nice new minimalist security screen door.


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