Adam’s Handy Hands

A great handyman business in Melbourne doing many varied jobs. I work full time as a caravan mechanic and do my handyman business after hours and on weekends. I’ve been running for 5 years and loving it every day. I’ve done everything from assembling flat pack furniture/kids equipment, plaster repairs, door installs and more.



Adam’s Handy Hands nails a great handyman service, repairing, maintaining and assembling many things.

We can get things ticked off your to do list, tackle those jobs you don’t have time or the tools to complete, we work around you. No jobs to small, we do it all with care and pride.

Also, if you have been to any of the hotspot sites listed on the DHHS website please get tested and hold off booking a job until you get a negative result, but feel free to arrange a quote in the meantime. DHHS hotspot sites

Here is a list of the jobs I do

  • Door installs (including security doors).
  • Install door locks, dead bolts and even electronic locks with code, card or fingerprint entry.
  • Repair plaster damage (including mould)
  • Repairing weatherboard damage due to water rot.
  • Installing fixed or wind out awnings for some added shade.
  • Mounting TV’s, shelves, toilet roll holders and more.
  • Hanging pictures, mirrors, and more.
  • Mounting shelves, washing machine and more.
  • Installing blinds, curtains and more.
  • Adjusting doors (including sliding doors)
  • Installing washing machines and dishwashers.
  • Replacing dishwasher and washing machine drain hose.
  • Replacing front load washing machine door seals.
  • Replacing taps and tap washers (including mixer taps).
  • Redoing the silicon seal around a shower, bath and sinks.

“Flat out, I can assemble your flat pack and more”