After service and installation care.

When I do an installation or repair for you, it’s important that you take care of it immediately afterward. This means avoiding touching it and keeping the area clear for concrete and plaster to set.

Plaster repair

For plaster repairs I complete, it needs at least 24 hours to dry. So please don’t touch it or try to sand it yourself as it is very easy to sand too far or push to hard and destroy the patch. I will be back to complete the repair and paint the wall to match leaving no evidence of the repair at a time that suits both of us.

Leterbox/fence and other installs/repairs requiring concrete

Like this repair, you need to not touch the letterbox, fence post or other items that need to be concreted or glued down. As I secure the item with concrete or glue it needs time to set and harden.

If an item is moved too soon in concrete it can cause there to be a gap between the item and concrete, or in this case the concrete was just set and the movement caused it to crumble.

With this letterbox it was moved to soon after the concrete was poured causing it to crack. It may have felt hard on the surface, but bellow that it could have been soft. In my opinion the letterbox was moved too soon so it didn’t have time for the concrete to fully set around the base.

If anything happens to effect the setting of the concrete or glue that causes it to crack on the surface, it is suspect of movement too soon (could be a person/child walking past). This is out of my control and therefore not part of my warranty and will require an extra cost. I will not be held liable for anything that is out of my control due to someone else interfering with the setting of the concrete/glue.

Please be patient, and wait for installations and repairs to fully settle.

Thank You

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